tummy talks


Food = taste + presentation+ smell + texture+ sound + nourishment + culture + thoughts + love!!!


Food, it is the first thing that I remember from my earliest memories.... weather it was a handful of cashews stuffed into my mouth when I was 2 or some toffees gathered and hidden away in a box (a box that was hidden away so safely from my brother that it was impossible for even me to find it!!!)... in short FOOD... one of the three basic essentials of our lives...

Besides survival, food is important for nourishment and essentially has been the driving force behind most of the human activities from the advent of civilization. Movies like 10,000 BC also depicted the moving of mankind from hunting to farming in order to sustain in hostile environment.

Food has evolved along with us. Somewhere along its path of helping us with our sustenance, it became a symbolic representation of social status, economic stratification and even regional distinctions. It is fascinating how even cooking vessels change with places and adds so much to taste and presentation. Food is actually unique and entices  a lot of our senses; smell, taste, sight, touch (texture) and even sound (the crackling sound of tempering to buzzing and hissing of barbecue and sizzler s..!!).

Frankly, I use to live for my taste buds when I was young, yes of course, when meal times came utmost importance was given to a balanced wholesome meal by my doctor mom, and the same rule governs my day to day cooking for my son Aayan. Lets not forget the importance of food in healing and science... I love to incorporate most of these factors together to get maximum benefit out of each ingredient individually and in the meal as a whole!

However, we do have some days of sinful indulgences hitting and tantalizing our senses and making us rise above the general realms of Dos and Don’ts... the days that make up for those not tooooooo delicious but healthy ‘other days!’


So whats the deal with food???